Metroid Prime: Federation Force amiibo support detailed

The Samus amiibo unlock a samus skin for the story campaign while other amiibo like Bowser and Mario unlock suits for Blast Ball

official japanese site went live as well

Amiibo leads the Toys-to-Life category so far this year


From the Financial Times, Nintendo confirms that in the Toys-to-Life category, Nintendo has a lead over WB and Activision so far in the year.

Amiibo has been a very strong new platform for us. With the expansion into Amiibo cards last year it brought a new form to the toys to-life category. And Amiibo continue to perform well for us. So far this year Amiibo is actually leading the toys-to-life category in sales. We’re still focused on this category. We’re bringing out new Amiibo, enhancing the gameplay, and providing game fans tons of fun new ways to play. We will continue to be committed to growing that part of the business. We want to bring new ideas, and we have a strong slate of Amiibo coming this year. It’s become one of the most collectible collectibles in the gaming industry.

UPDATE: CD Projekt Red: [NX] Will be spectacular


The video interview in question has the context where they’re being overly excited for everything even in jest, Fabian confirms that “devs are excited”, but that he didn’t mean everything he said.

My apologies for rushing to report, I’ll try better in the future.

From NintenGen, they found an interview where a CD Projekt Red person gave their thoughts on NX:

Host: What do you know about NX?

Fabian: It will be fantastic. As developer [CD Projekt] you get access to the hardware and everybody [at CD Projekt] is looking forward. We know things.

Host: Are you lying now?

Fabian: No, no.

Host: Sometimes I cannot tell if you are telling the truth or not.

Fabian: No, no! It was like this in the past as the Wii prototypes came in, back then called “Revolution”. It was so funny that in Japan they were all very excited at the developer studios of SEGA, they thought it was very good. The Europeans took a little longer. Like “Well, maybe this doesn’t work”, you know, because it was technically just a GameCube. It was not much more. But NX what you hear [of the developers] about NX is all very positive.

Host: But the hardware will be much worse than the new Xbox.

Fabian: I think this will never again be the main emphasis in the future [for Nintendo]. Can it [NX] be better than the new Xbox? Take a realistic point of view: is Nintendo able to build a console that has got more power than Xbox?

Host: In theory it is possible.

Fabian: Affordable? Do they have the contacts to the industrial facilities, resources… [Shakes head several times in denial] And what would be the positive outcome? Who is going to develop games for it?

*They go on to talk about SNES, 32X, Dreamcast etc*……Fabian: But anyway, I am really looking forward to NX.

Host: I see. But what kind of console will it be? Will it be a handheld? Or…

Fabian: It will be spectacular!

Host: *Jokingly* Nah, you know nothing. I’ll have a look in the chat.

Fabian: I’ll not make the mistake to reveal a console again. Not at this time.

Host: But if – please in my show.

Fabian: If yes than with you tonight in your pool. [Talking about the pool and some private stuff. The Interview moves on in a different direction.]

Platinum’s Kamiya expresses interests in developing Bayonetta 3


Kamiya has been talking a lot about Bayonetta 3 lately, but it doesn’t sound like it’s in active development nor does it sound like they have a publisher. They at least have ideas of how to make it interesting and I’d love a new installment.

“To answer your question straightly, yes. It’s actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about. We’ve talked a lot about it internally at the company and I’ve written some outlines for what the game would be. And I feel really confident it would be cool if we got the chance to make it. Right now, we’re looking at opportunities… If that opportunity ever came up to make Bayonetta 3, that would be really, really cool.”


Nintendo considered calling the new Zelda after the Sheikah Slate; Aonuma’s gameplay was in trailer

Screenshot 2016-06-14 12.14.11

In an interview with Nate from GameXplain they revealed a few fun facts about the game. Before coming up with the name “breath of the wild” they were considering typical Zelda names like naming it after an important item like the Sheikah slate. Additionally, Nate mentioned that Aonuma played the footage recorded for the trailer.

For those worried about the narrative in this game, Nate refered to it as having a “great story” so hopefully it’s up to par with the previous games in that regard.

Nintendo details lessons learned with Wii U to ensure NX is a success


From an interview with Scott Moffitt, Nintendo detailed some lessons learned with the 3DS and Wii U this generation and  their hopes to get it right next time

  1. Have the right software available, seemingly confirming Zelda for launch
  2. Clear messaging.
  3. Focus on creating the largest installbase for 3rd parties
  4. “grab a Wii U while you can, because they won’t be around forever.”
  5. Ubisoft, Warner Bros, and Capcom are seemingly on board.

First, it’s really important to have the right content. Software drives hardware. We’ve proven that multiple times. The right game can really lift a system. With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being among the titles we’re working on for NX, we’re very excited it will be an immediate reason game fans will want to buy the hardware.
Second, it’s important to have clear positioning for your proposition and be able to explain it to consumers in a simple and easy way. Those are among the things that we are working on for NX. Third, we need to showcase all the things that make Nintendo great. When we bring out a title it has to be of exceptional quality, it has to be fun, it has to be an immersive experience, and put a smile on families’ faces. As long as we stay true to those things, we’ll deliver what we want.
And certainly there are other factors, like third-party content. Our mission is to create the largest install base possible so that third-party developers will want to bring their content to our systems

Take Two is “very interested” in NX


In an interview with the Take Two CEO, they expressed their thoughts on the NX.

Originally Posted by
Nintendo (NTDOY) has already announced Nintendo NX will be coming out in spring 2017. What impact will new consoles from the major players have on the gaming industry over the next couple of years?

It could be very exciting. You never want to count Nintendo out. They go quiet for a while and then they come to market and do something really exciting. We are very interested and watching closely the development of what Nintendo plans to do next.

Stark contrast from their initial Wii U talk



Nintendo designed Link to look gender neutral to appeal to more people


In a recent interview Aonuma explained Link’s more androgynous appearance was in order for more people to be able to relate to him. This has been the goal in most of the series outside of Twilight Princess.

“Back during the Ocarina of Time days, I wanted Link to be gender neutral. I wanted the player to think ‘Maybe Link is a boy or a girl.’ If you saw Link as a guy, he’d have more of a feminine touch. Or vice versa, if you related to Link as a girl, it was with more of a masculine aspect. I really wanted the designer to encompass more of a gender-neutral figure. So I’ve always thought that for either female or male players, I wanted them to be able to relate to Link.”

“During the development of Twilight Princess, I went a different route and created a version of Link that was more masculine. But after Twilight Princess I went back to the drawing board and decided Link should be a more gender-neutral character. Hence I created the version of Link that you see in Breath of the Wild. As far as gender goes, Link is definitely a male, but I wanted to create a character where anybody would be able to relate to the character.”

“So that’s why I think the rumor went around that Link could be a female. Because maybe the users were able to relate in that way.”