Developers talk about how it’s like to develop for Switch

Yacht Club:

  • Much easier than Wii U or 3DS
  • Doing everything right under the hood (easy to use SDK)
  • Even at launch it was surprisingly good when that’s usually not the case
  • PS4 is the easiest to develop for, Xbox is the least
  • Approval process has made huge strides but is still behind Apple


  • Likes the multiplayer and portability aspect
  • Porting over saves and player IDs were more straightforward than other systems
  • Confesses to messing up the port
  • UI and some effects like the fire were the cause

Nippon Ichi:

  • Were nervous about how little time they had to port Disgaea; turned out to be overthinking and it was fine
  • Were confused about buttons since they developed for PlayStation exclusively for awhile
  • Game looks better in handheld mode than it does on PS4
  • Teases another port coming to Switch

Panic Button:

  • Dev behind Doom, Wolfenstein, and Rocket League on Switch
  • Far better development tools than previous generations
  • Tools are integrated too Visual Studio which makes things easier
  • Early in the system’s life cycle the SDK has seen large improvements constantly
  • Vast familiarity with Switch
  • Really like the hardware

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