Bloomberg – Switch’s success helps Best Buy and Target 

Best Buy Co. got a boost from Mario and Luigi in the first quarter, as demand for Nintendo Co.’s new Switch game console helped the retailer post a surprise sales gain.
The Switch, which debuted March 3, has emerged as a bright spot in a lackluster retail industry. Last week, Target Corp. said its electronics sales “leapt forward” thanks to the Switch, which it promoted in stores and online. In April, the electronics category overall posted its first monthly gain in almost two years, according to government data cited by RBC Capital Markets.

Switch’s success didn’t just help out Nintendo, Bloomberg reports. Best Buy reported a surprise sales gain thanks to the system’s popularity. Target reports that electronics sales lept forward thanks to it.


More Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle details and box art

The game is presented as an RPG that mixes exploration and turn-based combat. The exploration is estimated at 35% of the game with combat making up 65%. Each of the four worlds are “twisted” Mario worlds filled with references.
The combat is weapon-based as Mario and company can use guns for the first time (Yoshi’s Safari doesn’t count assumedly). 8 different characters can be used: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Rabbids dressed up as each of them. Combat is described as more tactical, and we’ve heard that it’s more akin to a strategy RPG than what you might expect from a Mario RPG. On top of all that, the game can be played in co-op for two players as well.