Polygon – What the game industry thinks of the Nintendo switch

  • Douglas Wilson – Was writing a book about motion controls being dead and has to change it due to Switch having them.
  • Omar Cornut – “a strong contender to be the queen of local multiplayer consoles.”
  • Yoshinori Ono – “Oh! If it looks like this, we can create an environment where players can casually enjoy fighting games [anywhere].”
  • Mobeen Fikree – praises the HD rumble. Calls it the surround sound of rumble
  • Goichi Suda – being able to play on the TV and the portable is “revolutionary”. Thinks The Silver Case (a title LKD had previously leaked) would be perfect on it.
  • Takashi Iizuka – wants to see Nintendo made more Switch variations that run the same games but appeal to different markets (more durable for kids, more powerful for others)
  • Christian Svensson – Nintendo should play up the portable side more since it’s a great portable but a harder challenge on the console side.
  • Greg Wohlwend – Thinks its a high end console and the console he’s wanted for 10 years. “Nintendo is listening to the needs and lifestyle of its players and making a new console we all want.”

It’s a long article which much more including their thought on the target demographics and potential audience, 3rd party support, and more