Capcom on Switch: looking to port RE Engine, wants to release AAA titles on it

In GameCreatorsConference in Japan, Capcom had this to say about Switch 

  • Ported the MT Framework engine in a month with two guys in a month
  • Capcom requested more memory space and got it
  • Looking into porting the RE engine
  • Hoping to release AAA games on it 

Next, the talk shifted to developing games while hardware is also in development. Capcom had been working on Ultra Street Fighter II for the new system. They are using their original engine MT Framework for the time being. The engine has plenty of actual results already and it had previously run on Nintendo hardware, so it made sense to use the technology. Lots of staff at Capcom are used to the engine as well.
To implement Switch compatibility with the MT Framework, Capcom begin to develop an environment to quickly examine the hardware right away. They initially excluded support of hardware-specific features and also excluded sound and network support. After this, Capcom began to develop a PC emulation environment in parallel. If you use Nintendo providing GPU emulator, you can recreate same shader on PC. With Switch, the emulator is enhanced and it is now more easy to create a PC emulator. It’s very easy to do iterations on PC, so the advantage is quite big.
One month was used to understand tools, development environment, and the SDK. Since they had been busy working on other titles, they only could secure two programmers. But with only one month with two people, they could port basic engine features.
The reason why it only took a couple of months was because the staff were accustomed to porting. Previously, they developed a Wii U version MT Framework. Also helping the situation was how the hardware structure was easy to understand, and they could use experience of creating convert process from HLSL to GLSL.
The port process was overwhelmingly faster than 3DS or Wii U. On 3DS, it took four months with four people. On Wii U, it took three months with five people. Hardware structure was very easy to understand and it also had similarity to Wii U, so that they could achieve it in a month with two people.
About main memory space, Capcom had told Nintendo that the initially planned space wasn’t enough. If you comparing to what’s inside other current-gen systems, it would definitely be short. In the end, Capcom’s request was accepted and the memory capacity became as per to their expectation.
Finally, Capcom is looking into having the Resident Evil engine be capable for Nintendo Switch. The company also wants to develop AAA titles for Switch.

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