Some Switch details leaked by Laura Kate Dale

In a Reddit AMA Laura had a few things to share about what she’s heard regarding Switch:

  • Don’t expect to see RETRO’s new game in January
  • VC games will have upgrades so you don’t have to buy them all again at full price
  • She heard BG&E2 has a CG trailer in the works (don’t believe this one)
  • Thinks Pokémon Stars will have new Pokémon, Eurogamer doubts it 
  • Account system isn’t tied to hardware
  • Believes in Mother 3
  • Miiverse is back 
  • Wii motes might be back 
  • October dev kits are more powerful than previous ones
  • Battery life is at least 3 hours at Max
  • 32GB included in the starter pack. 128GB mico SD supported 
  • 3 GCN VC expected for launch 
  • Share button confirmed 
  • Don’t expect Mass Effect nor Red Dead

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