Jakks Pacific’s World of Nintendo toy line commercial

An ad for the World of Nintendo figure line by Jakks Pacific.


The toy line has been around for a little over a year. While they’re not fantastic in terms of quality, the variety and price are quite welcoming

Skull Kid (as pictured above) is $11 on amazon right now. You’ll be able to find many for a decent price on there 

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NX: Nintendo Rebooted (Another look at the hybrid rumor+AMD)


The Nintendo NX will hopefully be revealed soon. The next generation of consoles will get a start soon with Nintendo’s latest device…yet we have very few confirmed details. This has led fans to enter somewhat of a civil war over who they think is right. SMD vs Eurogamer, Player Essence vs Emily Rogers, Happy Nintendo (lmao) vs LPVG. I wanted to write a bit of a roundup of just how I see the Hybrid turning out, which is what I think is the most likely candidate, as well as the AMD vs NVIDIA debate and why I’m worried about it.


As a run down of what the reported hybrid is supposed to be we’ve heard that the NX will be a portable with a 6.2″ capacitive touchscreen, HDMI-Out, and detachable motion controllers with force feedback. While some may point to some obscure device that may only do 1-2 of the mentioned features, I think all combined it should result in a pretty unique gaming device.

The detachable controllers and HDMI-Out, which forms the basis for the “hybrid” title it has been given, allows it to have the benefit of previously TV and portable only experiences. Of course when the controllers are attached you’ll get a pure portable experience. You’ll benefit from the touchscreen which would allow for input methods not possible on competitor’s consoles as well as buttons which aren’t common in mass market tablets/phones. TV connectivity allows you to obviously play on your TV, but you’ll also get to have experiences not possible on portables. Local co-op/multiplayer experiences will now be doable and right out the box as well. The only system that won’t require extra peripherals to achieve this. Games like Just Dance, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Mario Party, etc will be playable in local multiplayer without the need of more systems, peripherals, or copies of the game despite being for a portable.

Something not mentioned too much in these discussions are the detachable controllers and the features they have. Force Feedback should be interesting, it’s not commonly found on many devices and seems like a very Nintendo gimmick in order to increase immersion. What I’m personally interested is that they’re supposed to act like Wii Motion+ controllers so combining the two with the force feedback should provide a pretty large leap over what the Wii provided in the past. Wii Motion+ is something I imagine a lot of users haven’t had the chance to try, only remembering Wii for the original model’s waggle functionality. The gyro controls inside the Wii Mote+ feels 1:1 in most cases, and that came out in 2009 so the improvements in technology combined with improvements in documentation on how to make it feel good should provide a pretty exciting experience. We might actually be able to get what was promised at the Wii’s reveal.

As a side note I wished to express that I do not think the NX means the death of dedicated Nintendo console and that the Nintendo OS Iwata had announced is dead. In the contrary, I believe it’s very much alive and this is the way to start it off. We might get a new console eventually, heck it might already be in development. This will be a way to standardize game development on the Nintendo OS platform and allow for control parity with future hardware.

An angle I could see Nintendo taking with the NX is a nostalgia play – NX: Nintendo Rebooted. I’m not suggesting something dumb like calling the NX a “Nintendo”, but to appeal to old and new fans by showing Nintendo going back to basics, so to speak. Nintendo is changing, there are exciting times ahead with recent shakeups to their management, to their development studios, and even to their future platforms. They’re focusing on one unified platform starting with the Nintendo NX, this will allow for a lot more experimentation, new franchises, and new takes on old franchises. Zelda is the perfect start, with Breath of The Wild being Nintendo reimagining the franchise making callbacks to the sense of adventure felt playing the original game.

I can also see them making certain callbacks during the hardware unveiling. Having two detachable controllers attached to the main unit and allowing for local multiplayer right out of the box sure does seem like the original Famicom, doesn’t it? That’s the system that started it all, would be a missed opportunity if they didn’t at least reference it. Might of even been the inspiration to the system in the first place. They could even make a R.O.B the robot dock. Had this silly idea of Nintendo releasing a new, functional version of R.O.B using the detachable controllers. It’s probably pretty dumb and gimmicky, but it doesn’t sound too expensive and it could be a neat showcase. Have the tablet slide into the eye visor and it could light up and display his eyes moving and produce sound. Kids would get a kick out of it.

The other subject I wanted to address in this post is the whole “debate” of Team Hybrid vs Team AMD. A few things I wanted to clarify is that EuroGamer is not the only source with IGN and Nintendo Life backing the rumor with their own sources and Emily Rogers with Let’s Play Videogames providing new info on top of what EG provided. They’re not doing it “for the clicks” either, as some have mentioned as neither Emily nor LPVG make revenue from “clicks”. Additionally a niche device doing something similar to what we’ve heard but not everything means literally nothing. Lots of devices are out there trying new and innovative ideas, doesn’t mean that they’re made into mass market products or implemented well.

This isn’t speculation vs speculation or rumor vs rumor, this is a random YouTuber’s speculation vs verified rumors. The likelihood of all of these reputable sites being completely off the mark is miniscule, even in the off chance that they’re wrong I think it’s still worth paying attention to and not trying to disregard or try and paint in an irredeemable light. What does trashing what’s most likely the future of Nintendo hardware do for you or your cause? It doesn’t make it more likely, would just make you angry at the reveal not going your way. A bit of a misconception I’ve noticed is that people who are rooting for AMD think that if they’re right then Team NVIDIA will be the ones having meltdowns. People believe in the NVIDIA hybrid due to the sources not just because they want it. A different concept with more powerful specs would sure to be ok with the grand majority of people expecting this hybrid device.

The only reason I’m bothering writing this and dealing with these people on Twitter is because I don’t want to see people get disappointed. I’m very familiar with it, the Wii U Speculation Thread’s impact was felt for a long time. Insiders and their sources said it was going to be weak but fans were saying “it couldn’t possibly be that weak!” and they were proven wrong. We should learn from our past mistakes, embrace the NX Hybrid’s concept. If it turns out wrong you’ll get the console you would prefer but it’s right you’ll still enjoy the reveal unlike those that have made it their daily routine to champion a system that most likely does not exist.

What would they get if they’re right? Some brownie points that mean nothing? And if they’re wrong they’ll be extremely disappointed and receive backlash from the fans that put their trust in them. At least give yourselves some leeway with “maybe a handheld will happen first, but a console definitely will soon!” and don’t result to threatening to call Nintendo liars and trashing a device and concept you haven’t seen put to practice. This can all be avoided, just please adjust your expectations.


And no, Francis, I will not do a livestream with you.