Nintendo files patent applications for tracking and analog sticks 

Techniques and systems for tracking multiple objects over a common time period and identifying (i.e., disambiguating) the objects from one another. As described herein, each object may include a respective light source (e.g., one or more LEDs) that may illuminate according to a defined lighting pattern. One or more cameras may capture images of a scene that includes the objects and the images may be analyzed to identify a location of each respective light source within the scene. By identifying these locations over multiple images, the movement of each object may be determined. In some instances, a system that tracks the movement of the objects may iterate through instructing each of the objects to illuminate its light source according to an identification lighting pattern, while other light source(s) of the other respective object(s) continue illuminating their light sources according to a default lighting pattern.

An operating member 3 has a shaft portion 31 and a fulcrum portion 32. A first swinging member 4 has a concave fitting portion 42. Inside the fitting portion, engaging surfaces and guide surfaces 45, 46 are included. The engaging surfaces are formed to be engageable with the fulcrum portion. The guide surfaces allow the fulcrum portion to swing with respect to the first swinging member. The second swinging member 5 includes an engaging portion 63 which includes a long hole, and which covers the fulcrum portion while passing the shaft portion through the long hole in a manner that the shaft portion is movable in the longitudinal direction of the long hole, in such a manner that the engaging portion and the fitting portion cooperate to sandwich the fulcrum portion. The engaging portion is coupled with the second swing shaft, and configured to be engageable with the shaft portion.

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