Rumor: Nintendo Switch additional information


The Nintendo Switch was revealed a week ago and, despite Nintendo saying no new news till January, we’ve gotten some additional details from insiders:


Nintendo Switch screen:

Eurogamer, the original reporter of the NX/Switch being a hybrid console, has claimed that the Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2″ 720p capacitive touch screen. In comparison, the 3DS had a 240p top screen and the Vita had a 540p touch screen. It will have the best PPI on a dedicated gaming portable to date.

Nintendo Switch Storage:

Laura from Let’s Play Video Games had several reports on the Nintendo Switch. One of which is that the Switch will use Micro SD cards, much like the New Nintendo 3DS and will officially support up to 128GB variants.  Additionally, she reported that the Nintendo Switch will not support external Hard Drives.

Charging the NS:

The Nintendo Switch will reportedly use a USB-C to charge. A big change from the proprietary format used on Nintendo portables in the past. USB-C is very modern and is a good idea to use as it’ll futureproof the system. The format allows for fast charging which would help greatly when gaming on the go especially if the battery is less than ideal. Additionally the report indicates that the Switch will not be able to charge when the kickstand is being used (due to the charger being on the bottom). An accessory like the Wii U charging base could easily fix this, though.

Controls and Controllers:

As reported above, the Nintendo Switch will support touch screen controls, but Nintendo has mandated that all games must be playable in TV mode so how will Nintendo be able to replicate touch screen functionality on the TV? Well, with IR pointer functionality of course! Let’s Play Video Games reports that the Switch’s Joy-Cons will have an IR sensor much like the original Wii motes. The base unit, when docked, will act like a sensor bar.

On a slightly related note, the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers will not feature a headphone jack. At least the current model lacks it. Quite unfortunate.

Cartridge Games:

The Nintendo Switch will of course be using cartridges (or Game Cards). Mochi, the Wall Street Journal writer, has stated that the Nintendo Switch will support 16GB cartridges as the standard. Note that this does not mean that the maximum size is 16GB, just that that’s what Nintendo recommends.

Release window:

We know it’ll launch in March, but a report indicates it might be the week of the 17th.

That’s it for now! I’ll update if there was anything I missed or anything new comes up.



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