Deadpool director jumps ships for Sony’s “Sonic the Hedgehog”

He previously announced that he was leaving the production of Deadpool 2 and now we’ve heard that he’s joining the production of Sonic the Hedgehog movie by Sony.

It will be a CG live action hybrid like The Smurfs

Strange isn’t it?

Should the Nintendo Switch be marketed as a home console?

The Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer was announced by Nintendo using the image above. In basically all instances Nintendo has marketed this system as a home console despite being so portable in nature. Is this smart?

Nintendo’s hardware and software divisions have been split since their introduction of the GameBoy in 1989 with Nintendo’s consoles suffering of a decline of sorts while their handheld line of systems have enjoyed a more fruitful existence. Both have been experiencing a decline in market share due to increased competition from mobile among other factors so it’s about time Nintendo switches things up.

Some benefits that marketing the Nintendo Switch as a console could bring is comparisons to Wii U. If the Switch just sells half of the 3DS it would still be a massive step up from the Nintendo Wii U’s 13-14 million lifetime sales. Additionally, marketing the multi-platform games as being portable instead of just being the worst version of a given title would give it some unique selling point. This is a selling point that wouldn’t require weeks of R&D to figure out what to do with a controller or any unique input method like with Wii U.

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch is fairly large and is rumored to have an underwhelming battery life. Not all surprising considering the amount of power this thing is packing, but it also makes for a somewhat poor portable. Focusing on the system being a console with the portable nature being more of an option makes this seem less like an issue which would help in the long run.

Home Consoles are known as more of a premium product so you charge a premium price for both hardware and software. We still don’t know the price, but it’s likely not $199 or cheaper. Marketing this as a console would make a $250-300 price tag be easier to swallow. This would also help with big console titles which wouldn’t be very profitable being sold at lower prices. Resident Evil Revelations, which provides a “true console experience on a handheld device“, planned to charge $50 for the game due to the production values and the cartridge size. Consumers were so outraged over the thought that this would set a precedent that Capcom felt forced to revert to the standard $40. This move likely prevented future titles and publishers from pushing the hardware in the same with outside of a select few titles in the later years of the system’s life.


There are also a couple negatives to marketing the Nintendo Switch as a consoles, one of which ties into one of the positives: comparisons to Wii U. The Nintendo Wii U failed in its market reaching only a little over 13M units in its lifespan and I can’t imagine 3rd parties and consumers would be too confident in its successor. Despite being more of a handheld and likely getting the handheld audience I’ve heard a ton of people say: “Wii U had a lot of 3rd party support on a list. Why should we trust it now?”. The list is considerably bigger than the Wii U’s with the Switch boasting more engine support and tool support along with many publishers that never even touched the Wii U yet you still get people wondering the same thing. It’s a potentially dangerous comparison but people seem to still be overall more positive.

Home consoles also bring with them a set of expectations. As mentioned previously, 3rd party games will still have the worst versions on Nintendo’s platforms and if Nintendo can’t get the portable aspect to be a big enough selling point then 3rd parties won’t fair too well on Nintendo’s platform. Consumers also expect more 3rd party multi platform games from a console. No one would bat an eye that the 3DS isn’t getting Battlefield 1 but if the Switch doesn’t get a title then it’ll be a bad look. 3DS coasted on its exclusives and its lower price which helped it succeed where others (Wii U) failed.

A potential compromise could be promoting it with region specific marketing. The late Satoru Iwata said this in a Q&A at an investor’s meeting:

Your question also included the “current notion of thinking about home consoles and handheld devices.” When it comes to how dedicated game systems are being played, the situations have become rather different, especially between Japan and overseas. Since we are always thinking about how to create a new platform that will be accepted by as many people around the world as possible, we would like to offer to them “a dedicated video game platform with a brand new concept” by taking into consideration various factors, including the playing environments that differ by country. This is all that I can confirm today.

Japan’s developers and consumers adore portable devices with each handheld (even the Playstation Vita) vastly outselling the popular home consoles. Nintendo could focus on marketing the Nintendo Switch as a home console in the west, where it’s preferred, and as a portable console in Japan. This is likely the best way to get the most out the Nintendo Switch’s potential sales.

I feel it’s worth noting since Nintendo has been pretty specific that this is meant to be more of a home console that can be taken on the go and will seemingly market it this way. So far they’ve done a great job with the 3 minute preview video being positively received. Nintendo’s potentially increased software output would also make some of these worries not matter, but we’ll have to see how things go.


Nikkei – Pokémon Go reached $600 Million in revenue 2.5x faster than Candy Crush Saga


Niantic states that Pokémon Go has been downloaded over 500 Million times and it grossed $600 million in revenue 2.5 times faster than Candy Crush Saga and 5 times faster than Puzzle and Dragons since its debut in July. It’s also had strong user retention with 60% of users still playing it after all this time despite the average user dropping a mobile title two weeks after launch.

Quite the impressive feat.


FFXV Director excited about Switch as a developer and consumer

Tabata of FF7: Crisis Core and Type 0 fame had a few words to say about the Nintendo Switch in an interview with GameBlog. including that he was excited about it as a developer and player and would be “delighted” at the chance of making games for it.

“I’m very interested in this machine! As a player, but also as a developer. The Nintendo Switch that you can transform into a controller, that you can put into a dock, that you can move around with, on which you can replace elements.
It’s been a while that I’ve told myself that I would like to make games on a Nintendo machine, so if the Nintendo Switch could be that opportunity, I’ll be delighted!”

Nintendo files patent applications for tracking and analog sticks 

Techniques and systems for tracking multiple objects over a common time period and identifying (i.e., disambiguating) the objects from one another. As described herein, each object may include a respective light source (e.g., one or more LEDs) that may illuminate according to a defined lighting pattern. One or more cameras may capture images of a scene that includes the objects and the images may be analyzed to identify a location of each respective light source within the scene. By identifying these locations over multiple images, the movement of each object may be determined. In some instances, a system that tracks the movement of the objects may iterate through instructing each of the objects to illuminate its light source according to an identification lighting pattern, while other light source(s) of the other respective object(s) continue illuminating their light sources according to a default lighting pattern.

An operating member 3 has a shaft portion 31 and a fulcrum portion 32. A first swinging member 4 has a concave fitting portion 42. Inside the fitting portion, engaging surfaces and guide surfaces 45, 46 are included. The engaging surfaces are formed to be engageable with the fulcrum portion. The guide surfaces allow the fulcrum portion to swing with respect to the first swinging member. The second swinging member 5 includes an engaging portion 63 which includes a long hole, and which covers the fulcrum portion while passing the shaft portion through the long hole in a manner that the shaft portion is movable in the longitudinal direction of the long hole, in such a manner that the engaging portion and the fitting portion cooperate to sandwich the fulcrum portion. The engaging portion is coupled with the second swing shaft, and configured to be engageable with the shaft portion.

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Rumor: Nintendo Switch additional information


The Nintendo Switch was revealed a week ago and, despite Nintendo saying no new news till January, we’ve gotten some additional details from insiders:


Nintendo Switch screen:

Eurogamer, the original reporter of the NX/Switch being a hybrid console, has claimed that the Nintendo Switch will have a 6.2″ 720p capacitive touch screen. In comparison, the 3DS had a 240p top screen and the Vita had a 540p touch screen. It will have the best PPI on a dedicated gaming portable to date.

Nintendo Switch Storage:

Laura from Let’s Play Video Games had several reports on the Nintendo Switch. One of which is that the Switch will use Micro SD cards, much like the New Nintendo 3DS and will officially support up to 128GB variants.  Additionally, she reported that the Nintendo Switch will not support external Hard Drives.

Charging the NS:

The Nintendo Switch will reportedly use a USB-C to charge. A big change from the proprietary format used on Nintendo portables in the past. USB-C is very modern and is a good idea to use as it’ll futureproof the system. The format allows for fast charging which would help greatly when gaming on the go especially if the battery is less than ideal. Additionally the report indicates that the Switch will not be able to charge when the kickstand is being used (due to the charger being on the bottom). An accessory like the Wii U charging base could easily fix this, though.

Controls and Controllers:

As reported above, the Nintendo Switch will support touch screen controls, but Nintendo has mandated that all games must be playable in TV mode so how will Nintendo be able to replicate touch screen functionality on the TV? Well, with IR pointer functionality of course! Let’s Play Video Games reports that the Switch’s Joy-Cons will have an IR sensor much like the original Wii motes. The base unit, when docked, will act like a sensor bar.

On a slightly related note, the Nintendo Switch Pro controllers will not feature a headphone jack. At least the current model lacks it. Quite unfortunate.

Cartridge Games:

The Nintendo Switch will of course be using cartridges (or Game Cards). Mochi, the Wall Street Journal writer, has stated that the Nintendo Switch will support 16GB cartridges as the standard. Note that this does not mean that the maximum size is 16GB, just that that’s what Nintendo recommends.

Release window:

We know it’ll launch in March, but a report indicates it might be the week of the 17th.

That’s it for now! I’ll update if there was anything I missed or anything new comes up.