Let’s a Talk: Super Mario Run and PS4 Pro


Super Mario Run was a very surprising reveal today with Miyamoto joining Tim Cook on stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 event to debut video gaming’s mascot, Mario’s, first mobile experience. The announcement also revealed that Super Mario Run is a game due out this year and will be exclusive for Apple devices for the remainder of the year. Nintendo has a pretty good opportunity here to focus on getting the iOS version finished instead of having to finish and port it to various different platforms and optimizing it on various Android devices. This might be how Nintendo can actually get this game out in time for the holidays and Apple backing it and paying for some exclusivity should prove to be pretty rewarding in the long run.

mario olympics

His appearance at the show is a big deal, with this and essentially being labeled as Tokyo’s mascot at the end of the Rio 2016 Olympics Mario has gotten a ton of exposure this year. Not only Mario, but a lot of Nintendo’s other IP such as Zelda and Pokemon have enjoyed more time in the limelight than usual. Zelda won several accolades with Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild gameplay debut at e3 officially winning Game of the Show as well as other awards from various outlets like IGN and Easy Allies’ Game of the Show. Pokemon, thanks to Pokemon Go, has become a megahit overnight…again. It’s one of the biggest games of all time with over 500 Million downloads and has been shown to boost the mainline title’s sales. Nintendo hopes that these titles will not only make money but also increase the reach of their IP increasing their selling power which seems to be paying off.

Another major announcement today was the Playstation Neo, now known as Playstation Pro. Rumors had circulated that Sony was rushing to beat Nintendo to the punch and they did…but it also shows. The reveal event was very lackluster with the new touted features like HDR and 4k not being noticeable on a compressed livestream and people without 4k or HDR capable TVs won’t be able to enjoy the benefits in their own home. The show was fairly underwhelming and I’m not sure it’ll have much of an impact when it launches anymore. Nintendo should take their time to announce the NX as well as possible to avoid a lackluster reveal like this.

Nintendo is in a pretty good position coming into the new generation. Wii U might of been an all around disappointment for them, but fans likely won’t be too upset when it’s replaced and handheld Nintendo fans will be pretty entertained with lots of software coming up as well. Their IPs have gotten some big exposure lately which could help Nintendo maintain their brand recognition and selling power for years to come. Hopefully they take advantage of all of this and launch the NX without a hitch.


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