Hot Take: Nintendo 3DS Direct – Ready for a new generation


As you probably already knew, Nintendo had their first Nintendo Direct in around 6 months. It was announced as a 3DS exclusive event and it was indeed 3DS focused. They announced very little new, ports of Wii U games including Yarn Yoshi and Mario Maker as well as Tank Troopers and Pikmin (temporary title).

Screenshot 2016-09-01 10.59.24

Not much for me here, there’s little excitement left in this generation. I’m looking forward to playing Ace Attorney 6 and Every Oasis as well as Monster Hunter Stories if it ever comes out here, but other than that I’m not interested in any announced 3DS game. The tech feels too old, games look actively terrible on it on top of a lot of this seeming like their D-tier teams like the Yoshi’s New Island team working on Pikmin working a Mass Attack styled game on the bottom, even more low rez 3DS touch screen.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 10.26.08

The ports of Wii U games to 3DS and not the other way around highlight a very important fact about Nintendo and why the NX makes sense. 3DS is too weak to handle a lot of Wii U games, but Wii U hasn’t sold well enough to give their higher quality titles enough of a chance to sell as well as they should. Hopefully NX will solve this giving them a platform powerful enough to run these great looking console quality games on the go while reaching a much larger audience than before.

I do think Mario Maker for 3DS is a mistake, though. It’s an ugly, butchered port of a game better suited to NX or to stay on Wii U. Losing amiibo costumes and online sharing is a pretty massive disappointment. Yarn Yoshi made the jump pretty well so I won’t complain too much. I’m a bit baffled that they didn’t port any 3DS software to Wii U for the holiday season as Wii U has like one game. Seems all around poorly handled.

So I’m ready, I’m ready for a system that won’t make all the games look actively terrible on it that’s actually commercially viable for NIntendo. I’m ready for NX, please announce it soon, Nintendo.

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