Emily Rogers: NX likely region free, will support UE4; Recap of NX hardware details

NX mock up DS4

Emily Rogers which has industry contacts and has been right several times in the past has been corroborating information she’s come across with other people and their sources. She made a new post detailing a recap of what she’s heard. Some important details include:

  • Unreal Engine 4 and Unity support – two of the most popular engines in the market. Unity is very necessary for indie titles even if it was a given that it’ll happen as even the New 3DS got it. Unreal Engine 4 was the more questionable of the two as Epic didn’t even consider Wii U as being viable for the engine which would point at its increased power over it’s console predecessor. UE4 is also very important for Japanese support in the future with games like DQXI and KH3 running on that engine. We already know DQXI is coming to NX and depending on how that port works out KH3 might as well.
  • Also detailed in the report was information detailed in previous reports by her and others including the 6.2 inch multi touch display and the detachable controllers with force feedback.
  • Emily is also fairly confident that the NX will be region free as well. Iwata had mentioned that Nintendo was looking into it and it was a major complaint against their hardware which might help them win the favor of some consumers back.
  • 32GB of internal storage is included in the device with more likely being added via SD cards.

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On top of that Emily compared her notes with the LPVG writer on the detachable controllers and they were exactly right except for the analog stick placement likely meaning that either one might be in the final product or you can choose how to place it.


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