Emily Rogers and LPVG: NX to have a PS4 like D-pad and a “social” button

NX mock up DS4

Let’s Play Videogames broke the news that NX will feature detachable controllers with motion controls and force feedback similar to HTC’s Vive controllers. Today they report that NX will have a PS4 like D-pad as it would allow for it to be used as a controller more so than a normal single piece D-pad. Additionally, a PS4 share/social button is apparently due to be included in the NX controller which will allow for easy sharing of pictures and video. 3DS has this feature built into the OS after an update, but it’s nice to see they improving it.

Emily Rogers and Nintendo Life have also backed up these claims. Nintendo Life added that it’ll be on the opposite side of the home button (my render above is a bit inaccurate there). Emily Rogers added an unrelated tid-bit that NX currently has 32GB of internal storage, but it’s just the dev kits for now.

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