EUROGAMER: NX will be an NVIDIA powered hybrid; to use cartridges 

Here’s a run down:

It’ll use cartridges (nice); recommended to be 32GB in size

It’ll use NVIDIA’s Tegra Mobile Processor. Here’s a EuroGamer breakdown of what that means

Seems to be primarily a handheld with detachable buttons and dock to connect to the Television.

No Backwards Compatibility due to different hardware (ditching Power PC)


Cartridge Games Hot-Take:

Speculation about NX using cartridges is why I names the site as is so I’m quite happy about that. I wrote about it and it’s advantages here.

32GB seems to be the recommended size, which is more than enough for Nintendo but 3rd parties might have issues with it. It remains to be seen.

No backwards compatibility is something most people guessed due to it ditching the previous hardware. This will result in better hardware.

If Emily’s “close to Xbox One” rumor is true, this will be one high end handheld.

Added speculation here from myself: Nintendo had patented a concept of chain linking power sources to power up a device. Perhaps the handheld connects to the home console base and gets added power like a SEGA 32X or something allowing for higher resolutions.

NVIDIA was also previously rumored as well. Not sure if it’ll be enough to compete with Xbox One, though.

It’s interesting. The weak rumors all referring to a handheld seems misleading. Could’ve said that to calm us down, but I guess it’s both weak (for a console) and powerful (for a handheld)

As long as it can play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild better than Wii U I’ll be hyped.