Making sense of WSJ’s NX mobile compatibility statement


The Wall Street Journal, while backing the Eurogamer rumor, said:

A person familiar with the matter said NX would be a handheld-console hybrid that would be compatible with its own smartphone games.

While many people, including myself, thought this meant that the games would run natively on the tablet like system, that wouldn’t make much sense nor be worth mentioning. Unless it runs Android, it would require some form of porting and at that point it wouldn’t be compatible or “run on NX” natively.

A new (…from 2 months ago) rumor from a Portuguese forum seems to shed some light. Essentially, as I had stated previously, having to port Nintendo games from mobile to NX wouldn’t really be worth noting as a feature in a leak, but compatibility has other meanings. The WSJ’s vague post most likely refers to NX working together with mobile games, transferring data between the two. A potentially exciting example would be Miitomo linking up with NX’s MiiMaker via MyNintendo allowing you to get the clothes you have accumulated over time. Would make Miitomo a long term project for Nintendo while improving Miis as a whole. Other examples could be getting troops from Fire Emblem Mobile, transferring Pokemon Go Pokemon to Pokemon NX, and more.

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