Ubisoft on NX (again) and what happened with Wii U


In an interview with Ubisoft’s CEO, he had this to say about whether or not we should expect Ubisoft support on NX:

You can expect we’ll support Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the best partners in the world.

On Wii U and why they stopped supporting it:

We could see it wasn’t selling as fast as expected, so we reorganized around other platforms. With the Wii U, we were able to relaunch Rayman 2D. It was a good thing for the company and the brand and its fans. If you remember, it was supposed to be Wii U exclusive, but we made it multi-platform when we saw it wasn’t selling fast enough. The Wii U has done quite well. It’s still a Nintendo machine with lots of great franchises, and we’ve sold lots of copies of Just Dance on it.

This isn’t the first time Ubisoft had something nice to say about NX and Just Dance is the second confirmed title for the system.

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