Nintendo Q&A round up:

What is with these questions?

The investor’s meeting started with Kimishima reconfirming the NX’s March release date.

When asked about the lack of female representation on their board of directors, Kimishima replied by stating that they have a lot of women employed whose opinion are applied to product development. Miyamoto thinks their contribution to games development is “world class”

Nintendo restates that they’ve been looking into VR, but aren’t content with some of its limitations such as playtime and affordability. They would want to release it when they feel they can overcome these limitations.

Nintendo has cut their marketing budget, but they’ve been looking into different ways to maximize their spending efforts outside of just TV based advertisements.

Miyamoto restated their concern of the competition stealing their ideas if they announce it too early which is why the NX has yet to be shown.

Nintendo commented on their movie efforts. They’re trying to make sure that their IPs are used properly so they’re more involved that most licensing efforts.

Nintendo has been working with Nintendo UK to try and make sure they’re ready for the impact the Brexit will have, additionally they mention the Brexit’s impact on the global economy and the yen.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has had over 300 people working on the title over the course of its 5 year development cycle with 100 currently working on finishing the game.

Game development has increased in cost when moving to the latest systems. A game reaches profitability levels that Nintendo is happy with after 2 Million units sold. Games are considered a hit after reaching 300k sales in Japan, but they want higher sales in global markets. They hope to change the way they make games by making it more affordable. For example, they mentioned using resourced put into Zelda that can be used in other software like re-using game engines.

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