Reggie on VR, the gamepad, 3rd party support, and more

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In an interview with Vice, Reggie gives his thoughts on Nintendo’s past and future.

Reggie on the Wii U gamepad and 3rd party support:

you look at the three separate home consoles and you count up the unique content that has been rated 8.5 or above from critics, and 8.5 or above by consumers, by far they are more on Wii U than on other consoles. Bayonetta 2, Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. It’s a long list of games. In the end it was a system that we were able to bring stellar content to. Content consumers love. From that standpoint, I can’t say that the GamePad was an ill-conceived concept. What I can say is that unfortunately we didn’t persuasively explain the benefits of the entire system to consumers. And we did not have the breadth of third-party content, and that’s why we will end this particular generation third out of the three systems.

The good news is that when we launch the next platforms, things change, and it’s a whole new platform that is to be explained to consumers, that we will have very strong support for.

In terms of third party support, it really is a simple business. You need to have a large install base that they can sell a lot of product into, you have to create a development environment that’s easy for them to create content or to use their proprietary engines. Whatever they do, you need to fit into their development framework in as seamless a way as possible. The third element is we need to provide the backend infrastructure elements that allow them to maximize the revenue on their content. More and more publishers are relying on DLC and things of that nature to help monetize the entire investment. That’s what we need to do. The good news is that we’ve built a very strong infrastructure. The DLC mechanics, our eShop, is second to none. We’ve invested a lot on our development environment. As we look forward to the NX, job number one is to create a large install base.

On VR:

with Gyroscopic technology, it was important for us that the price of this technology come down so we could sell a controller at $30 dollars and it makes sense for the consumer and is profitable for us. That was the breakpoint for that technology to go mainstream. Same with touch screens. They’ve been around for a while and it got to the point where we could incorporate it into the Nintendo DS. VR will reach that breaking point eventually. The other piece that is important, is that you’re going to need to have the content that will bring it to life. Today I saw a range of different VR experiences. Some still made me queasy. Some were not all that compelling. And I’ve seen them all and I’ve seen the best. To me, the product that Valve is putting out is one of the best. But it’s expensive.

Reggie on Neo and Scorpio leaks vs the lack of NX details:

You’ll have ask them, but when we come up with an idea, there are other companies that can try to execute that idea, so we work hard to keep our ideas close to the vest. We have our leaks as well. Company executives like myself hate it when it happens. We’ve been fortunate to keep NX close to the vest. You’ll hear more soon, and part of the reason for that is that as more and more outsiders are involved with NX the risk for leaks really increases.

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