Tokyo Mirrage Sessions #FE getting some DLC



Available at the game’s June 24 launch.

From Nintendo’s official site:

The packs include:

• Costume Set

Get new costumes for Itsuki, Tsubasa, Touma and Kiria.

• Tokyo Millennium Collection

Participate in a fashion show and get extra outfits for Tsubasa, Kiria and Eleonora.

• EXPeditious Hunter

Battle through a dungeon filled with enemies that yield experience.

• Masterful Hunter

Gain materials used to level up weapons by fighting enemies in this dungeon.

• Savage Hunter

Defeat difficult enemies in this dungeon to earn rare items.

EXPeditious Hunter, Masterful Hunter and Savage Hunter DLC can also be purchased together for a reduced price** in the Hunter Support Quest Pack. Learn more about Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE here.

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