Disney leaves the videogame market; cancels Disney Infinity

disney infinity.jpg

Previously we heard that Disney was going to skip e3 and that Disney wasn’t going to release a new Disney Infinity game this year and now we know why.

Big news for the massive entertainment company.

The developer, Avalanche Software, is shutting its doors  with 300 game developers losing their jobs as a result.

Disney will license out their properties much like they did with Star Wars.

Kotaku did some digging if you’re interested:

-12 inch $45 figures were being planned.

-Story Mode where the world collide was in the works for the next installment

-The franchised was killed due to overproduction.

“A story bouncing around the company was that expectations for Hulk were so huge, they produced two million toys. Unfortunately, as the story went, they only ended up selling one million units.”

-Battlefront took away some of the audience from DI 3.0


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